Essential Tips to Protect Your Family and Sanitize Your House

We want to feel that our homes are our safe space; that they can shield our family from harm. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, it might feel like your home can never be clean enough or that you’re surrounded by germs, especially if someone in your Read More ➠

Cut Your Kitchen Cleaning in Half

Whenever I have time I always try to keep our house clean and clutter free but that is not always the case. With my busy schedule cleaning other homes, a lot of the time our house gets very cluttered and dirty. The other day the kitchen was all neat Read More ➠

A Great Way to Dust Your Furniture

Ever wonder how to dust properly? I am always busy with clients at Mops & Buckets that even my own home takes a back seat to cleaning. If you are short on time and want to tackle that dusty furniture without making a dust storm fly around the Read More ➠