Cut Your Kitchen Cleaning in Half

Whenever I have time I always try to keep our house clean and clutter free but that is not always the case. With my busy schedule cleaning other homes, a lot of the time our house gets very cluttered and dirty. The other day the kitchen was all neat and clean and after breakfast and some weekend shopping with the family it was a disaster! I started to think of ways to keep a room clean far longer than just a few hours and if you have little ones crawling or walking around like I do, I’m sure you will want to know too.

Follow these few simple tips to help control the clutter in the kitchen so when you have to clean it will take you half the time. After you do this it will make cleaning faster and more enjoyable which in turn gives you more quality time with family and friends.

Keep the kitchen sink free of dishes

Nothing says dirty like a sink full of dirty dishes. Make sure you keep the sink clear by putting items in the dishwasher or clean them by hand and place them on the dry rack. If you have time dry them all together and put them away. Same goes for any dishes you just finished using. Once a meal is finished you can place the pots, pans, and dishes in the sink but don’t leave them there for days! Same goes for baby bottles. We use a separate dry rack for those.

Put things away where they belong

If the dishes on the dry rack are dry, put them away. Clean dishes on a rack doesn’t scream clutter, but having a dry rack that is empty looks a lot better. Any mail, either toss it or file it away. Sometimes a kitchen counter can be more like a recycle bin than a counter. Same goes for actual recycling. Have a separate bin for recyclables. This keeps empty bottles from piling up along the counter. If you finished drinking coffee, wipe down the machine and throw out the used filter. Place the machine back where it belongs. Wipe down any big spills on counters or cabinet faces before they dry up and are a pain to remove.

Doing these few things will help reduce the clutter in the kitchen making it easier to start cleaning. Each time you go into the kitchen look around and see what needs to be put back its place. When you start to clean you can jump right into washing the sink without having to do dishes first or wipe down the counters without having to put things away where they should have been in the first place!

If you hire a cleaning service like Mops & Buckets, this will help the cleaners move through your house, room to room, with ease. Half the battle of cleaning will already be finished by reducing the clutter which you can then focus on detailed cleaning which is Mops & Buckets specialty!! If you are hesitant to start your messy kitchen, give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

About the Author

About the Author

Chris is the Owner/CEO of Mops & Buckets LLC., a company based in Miami Florida. Mops and Buckets focuses on providing high quality and care cleaning services in the greater Miami Area.

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