Why Choose US

Our mission is to provide a safer and cleaner home for you by reducing the spreading of germs and toxins in the air. We promote safe and proper cleaning techniques by using color-coded microfiber mops and towels which reduce cross-contamination and bacteria spreading throughout your home. We strive to give all of our customer’s exceptional service, reliability, and quality you will not find in any other cleaning company.

Always keep a detailed home with the Mops & Buckets 100-point routine cleaning checklist. Mops & Buckets uses a comprehensive checklist to keep your home in top shape all year long. Each time we visit your home, we clean and check all areas to make sure your house stays clean and sanitized. You no longer need to call in another company for a deep cleaning which makes Mops & Buckets the cleaner, wiser choice!

Always Reliable

Superior Customer Service

Deep Rotational Clean

Deep Rotational Clean We are always keeping an eye out for dust, dirt, or grime on all surfaces. In addition to the regular tasks we clean, Mops & Buckets offers the Deep Rotational Clean. Each time we visit, we will deep clean an area or room doing extra work like hand washing door frames, baseboards or scrubbing grout in shower. Every area of your home will consistently have a deep clean.